Collapsible storage bowls with lids

Collapsible storage bowls with lids

Why should you buy collapsible storage bowls with lids ?

High quality – Made of food hygiene grade PP+TPE plastic, BPA free, no bad chemical atmosphere, whether it is used as a storage bowl or a compressible mixing bowl is very convenient.
Complete – A total of 3 sizes of bowls to meet your different needs, small bowl diameter 13cm high 7cm, medium bowl diameter is 16cm high 8.5cm, large bowl diameter is 19cm high 9cm.

Convenience – Comes with a fully wrapped protective cover that keeps your food clean while you store your food, while a transparent matte cover lets you see at a glance how much food remains.
Storage – These collapsible storage bowls with lids has an amazing mini size after compression, which does not occupy your storage box or the space of the locker, which saves space.
Multi-use – Easy to stretch and fold, whether it is for home or out camping barbecue is very portable, and has a certain insulation and preservation function, you can also use it as a refrigerator storage box, sealed cover to help better food preservation.

  • Feature:
    – Fully foldable and compressible, easy to store
    – No fading, dishwasher safe
    – Washable, reusable, economical and environmentally friendly
    -The bowl is smooth and the bowl is frosted, making it safer to hold this folding bowl, not easy to slip off your hands.
    – Easy to carry, lightweight, mini size, the best choice for camping and barbecue
    – More insurance, compared to the general open folding bowl, comes with a protective cover, locks the fresh food for you.

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